Lexan™ Sheet & Film, Polycarbonate, Advance Amorphous Thermoplastic Polymer Material Solutions

Outstanding Mechanical, Optical, Electrical and Thermal Properties. High Impact Resistance, Outstanding Dimensional Stability and Crystal Clarity.

SABIC’s Specialty Film & Sheet Business offers High Quality, Engineered Thermoplastic Sheet and Film Products across a Wide Variety of Industries, Ranging from Building and Construction, Consumer Electronics, Interior Hygienic Wall Cladding, Aircraft and Rail-interiors to Displays.

SABIC Ranks among the World’s Top Petrochemical Companies. We are a Global Market Leader in the Production of Polycarbonate, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Advanced Thermoplastics, Glycols, Methanol and Fertilizers; with a Global Footprint in the Americas, Europe, Saudi Arabia, and Asia Pacific.

Lexan Film. Durable and Advance Thin Gauge Film for Wide Labels, Insulation or Security Industries

Coated & Uncoated Films
Polished , Textured and Coated Lexan™ Film. Indoor Grade or outdoor Grade for Weather Ability

Electrical & Electronic Films
FR & ECO FR Lexan Films for the High Heat Electronics and Electrical Applications

Display & Optical Film
Innovative Lexan™ Films for the Consumer Electronic Touch Screen Displays and LCD Industry

Security and EID- Card Films
Lexan™ SD Films for Electronic Security Documents such as Identity Cards, Passport Datapage or Drivers’ Licenses

Lexan Polycarbonate Solid Sheet. Virtually Un-Breakable Material for the Highest Demand for Strength or Toughness

Uncoated Sheet General or UL Rated

Monoliths Clear or Color Transparent for General Indoor Application or UL 94 Specialized Products


General Coated Outdoor Sheet

General Coated for UV Resistance Outdoor Use such as Skylights. Opaque Color Available for Outdoor Vending Machine

Margard™ Sheet
Advanced Specialized Coated with Hard Coating to Reduce Scratches and Chemical Resistance.


Cliniwall™ Sheet

Advanced Material for Interior Wall Cladding. Strong, Durable, Light Weight & Thin. Available for General Wall Cladding or Wall Cladding with anti Bacteria Coating.

Lexan™ Film Range
Graphic Film, FR Film, Eco Fr Film, Diffuser Film, Outdoor Film, Chemical Resistance Film, Hard Coated Film,
Lexan™ Polycarbonate Solid Sheet
Available for Outdoor, Indoor, Opaque or Diffusion Solid Sheet. Width Application for Roofing, Signage, Barrier , Machine Guard or Window
Lexan™ Thermoclear™ Multiwall Series
Light Weight, Durable and Cost Effective Solution. For Roofing, Facade, Awning , Skylights, Stadiums Roofing
Lexan™ Opaque FST Grade with Texture
Transportation Grade Lexan™ that Meet Flame , Smoke & Toxicity Requirement for Aircraft, Bus & Rail
Lexan™ SD Film for Security EID
Lexan Electronic Identification Card Film for Security Industries. Offer Thin, Durable & Flexible.
Lexan Cliniwall Sheet for Interior Wall Cladding
Wall Cladding for Public Facilities such as Hospitals, Schools, Kindergardens, Sport Venues or
Clean Rooms. High Impact Strength, Durable, Ease of Surface Cleaning, Scratch Resistance and Option of Anti Bacteria.
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