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LEXAN™ 2A13 Polycarbonate Film. Best for High Heat Environment

LEXAN FILM. Tough & Durable Thin Polycarbonate

Critical High HDT Environment or Application Control or Safety

LEXAN™ 2A13 Film is made from the New LEXAN™ CXT Resins, a new Copolymer Resin which offer High Clarity with Unique Balance of High Temperature Resistance & High Refractive Index.

This Film offer Unique High Heat HDT @ 170 °C, Good Low-Temperature Impact Resistance & Prevent Deformation or Discoloration

It Can be use Optical Applications in the Electronics, Consumer & Industrial, and Healthcare Industries.

Application Examples are Lenses and Small Sensors that Detect Visible Light, in Healthcare, LEXAN™ 2A13 Film offer Excellent Optical Quality and the Ability to Resist High Temperatures involved, for example, when overmolding Clear Face Shields with Silicone Rubber.

LEXAN™ 2A13 Film has a Glass Transition Temperature of 196°C, which meet the Required Dimensional Stability in Thermally more Demanding Processes ( Higher Process Temperatures Required).

Furthermore, the Film Exhibits the Outstanding Formability Cost-efficient LEXAN™ Film, thus also Providing High Design Flexibility for Flexible Printed Electronics Substrate and other Applications Relying on Accurate Pattern Transfer.

Standard Available Thickness for Advanced LEXAN™ 2A13 Polycarbonate Film

LEXAN™ 2A13 Film 0.127 mm
LEXAN™ 2A13 Film 0.178 mm
LEXAN™ 2A13 Film 0.254 mm

Available Width

1,220 mm

Physical Surface & Appearance of LEXAN™ 2A13 Polycarbonate Film

LEXAN™ 2A13 Film has 1st Surface : Polish and 2nd Surface: Fine Matte

LEXAN™ 2A13 Film. Advanced High Heat Polycarbonate Film

Advanced Features & Benefits of LEXAN™ 2A13 Polycarbonate Film

HDT @ 170 °C
Tg @ 196°C
High Reflective Index
High Transparency

Applications Examples

High Temperature Insulation
Flexible Printed Electronics
Busbar Separator
Touch Panel with Conductive Coating
High Temperature Process Tray
High Power Applications

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