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LEXAN™ 5B35 Polycarbonate Film. 30% Post Consumer Recycled Content

LEXAN FILM. Tough & Durable Thin Polycarbonate

PCR Durable, High Heat, MAR Resistance & Excellent Printing Result

LEXAN™ 5B35 Polycarbonate Film is an Advanced Polycarbonate Film made from Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR). It represent Sustainability with Innovative Excellence and Made from 30% Post-Consumer Recycled Materials

In the Pursuit of Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Solutions, the LEXAN™ 5B35 Polycarbonate Film emerges as a Trailblazer, Combining Cutting-Edge Technology with Environmental Responsibility. This Thin Polycarbonate Film not only boasts a Transparent Velvet Matte Surface and Unique High Heat and Mar Resistance but also stands out as a Testament to the advantages of Using Post-Consumer Recycled Materials in Manufacturing.

Key Advantages of PCR LEXAN™ 5B35 Polycarbonate Film:

Environmental Sustainability. LEXAN™ 5B35 Polycarbonate Film is a Proud Representative of the Circular Economy, being crafted from Post-Consumer Recycled Polycarbonate. This not only reduces the Demand for Virgin Materials but also minimizes the Environmental Impact associated with Plastic Waste.

Unique Transparent Velvet Matte Surface. LEXAN™ 5B35 Polycarbonate Film's First Surface, featuring a Luxurious Velvet Texture, Enhances Its Aesthetic Appeal. This Unique Combination of Transparency and Velvet Matte Finish sets it Apart in the Realm of Sustainable Materials.

LEXAN™ 5B35 Polycarbonate Film is engineered to withstand High Temperatures, making it Versatile for applications where exposure to Elevated Heat is a Concern. Its Velvet Surface ensures Excellent Mar Resistance, Making it a Durable and Reliable Choice.

Designed with User Convenience in Mind, LEXAN™ 5B35 Polycarbonate Film ensures easy Handling and Smooth Printing processes. Whether Used for Labels, Stickers, or Overlays, LEXAN™ 5B35 Polycarbonate Film Facilitates Hassle-Free Printing and Ensures Good Ink Adhesion.

The Matte Surface of LEXAN™ 5B35 Polycarbonate Film offers a Larger Printing Area, making it conducive to Various Printing Techniques. Whether Utilizing Traditional Solvent-Based or Water-Based Inks, UV or Infrared Drying Inks, the LEXAN™ 5B35 Film adapts seamlessly to Different Printing Methods.

LEXAN™ 5B35 Polycarbonate Film is Well-Suited for Multi-Layer Printing Applications, Finding Use in Overlays, Floor Graphics, and High-Performance Labels. Its Versatility extends to Thermoforming, Embossing, Die-Cutting, Hydro-Forming, and Bending Processes, Providing Flexibility in Manufacturing Applications.

LEXAN™ 5B35 Polycarbonate Film exhibits exceptional Dimensional Stability, ensuring that the desired Shape and Form are maintained during Various Manufacturing Processes.

LEXAN™ 5B35 Polycarbonate PCR Film embodies the Future of Sustainable Manufacturing. By Embracing Post-Consumer Recycled Materials, it not only Showcases Technological Excellence but also Contributes Significantly to Reducing the Environmental Footprint of Plastic Production. This Innovative Film Stands as a Testament to the Possibilities of Creating High-Performance Materials without Compromising on Environmental Responsibility.

Standard Available Thickness for Advanced LEXAN™ 5B35 Polycarbonate Film

LEXAN™ 5B35 Film 0.100 mm
LEXAN™ 5B35 Film 0.125 mm
LEXAN™ 5B35 Film 0.150 mm
LEXAN™ 5B35 Film 0.380 mm

Available Width

1,220 mm

Physical Surface & Appearance of LEXAN™ 5B35 Polycarbonate Film

LEXAN™ 5B35 Film has 1st Surface : Velvet and 2nd Surface: Matte

LEXAN™ 5B35 Polycarbonate Film. 30% Post-consumer Recycled

Advanced Features & Benefits of LEXAN™ 5B35 Polycarbonate Film

Ease of Printing
High Transparency
MAR Resistance

Applications Examples

Graphic Overlays
Warning Labels
Menu Board
Control Panel
Membrane Switches

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