LEXAN™ 8010SHC Polycarbonate Film. Best for Flat Large Label Printing

High Glossy Effect, Smooth Surface & Excellent Flat Printing Result

Lexan™ 8010SHC Polycarbonate Film. Transparent High Gloss Smooth Surface, Heat Resistance & Ease of Printing for Labels & Graphic Flat Poster Application

A Thin but Rigid High Gloss Polycarbonate Film that are use for Many Type of Applications. One Examples is LCD Window Cover which offer High Clarity and Resistance to Break. Today, with the Growing Technology of Digital Printing, Reverse Printing offer Non Scratch for Large Photo in Public Area & Non Damage to the Printing Surface

Standard Thickness Available

LEXAN™ 8010SHC Film 0.5 mm ( Flat Sheet )
LEXAN™ 8010SHC Film 0.8 mm ( Flat Sheet )
LEXAN™ 8010SHC Film 1.0 mm ( Flat Sheet )
LEXAN™ 8010SHC Film 1.5 mm ( Flat Sheet )

1st Surface

2nd Surface



LEXAN™ 8010SHC Film. Advanced Film for Printing Industries

Features & Benefits

Heat Resistance
High Reflective Index
UL94 V-2 Rated
Ease of Printing
High Transparency
Large Flat Printing

Applications Examples

Graphic Overlays
Touch Screen
Warning Labels
Face Shields