LEXAN™ FR25A Polycarbonate Film. For Insulation, Labels & Printing

Translucent Clear, UL94 V-0 Rating & Excellent Printing Result

LEXAN™ FR25A Polycarbonate FR Film. Polish & Velvet High Heat Resistance, UL94 V-0 Rated for Insulation & Ease of Forming

Texture LEXAN™ FR25A. Flame Retardant Film Series for Safety Requirement in Electronic Appliances Across the Globe. RTI @ 80 °C ~ 130 °C

Standard Thickness Available

LEXAN™ FR25A Film 0.254 mm
LEXAN™ FR25A Film 0.381 mm
LEXAN™ FR25A Film 0.508 mm
LEXAN™ FR25A Film 0.635 mm
LEXAN™ FR25A Film 0.762 mm

Available Width

1,220 mm

1st Surface


2nd Surface


LEXAN™ FR25A Film. Black or Custom Color Flame Retardant

Features & Benefits

Heat Resistance
UL94 VTM - 0
Ease of Printing
FAR Grade
Diffusion Appearance

Applications Examples

Heat Insulation Film
Hot Air Separator
Electrical Insulation