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LEXAN™ OQ6DAW PMMA / Polycarbonate Film. 2 Side Coated Performance

LEXAN FILM. Tough & Durable Thin Polycarbonate

Coated Weather Resistance & 4H Pencil Hardness Resistance PMMA Side

LEXAN™ OQ6DAW is Virtually Unbreakable Products from SABIC.

These are Excellent Candidates for Flat Touchscreens of Head-Up Display, Smartphones, Tablets & Lenses for Portable Electronics.

Widely Use As Lens Cover or Windows for Long Lasting Application

SABIC LEXAN™ OQ6DAW offer Low Warpage for Ease of Printing

Standard Available Thickness for Advanced LEXAN™ OQ6DAW Polycarbonate Film

LEXAN™ OQ6DAW Film 1.00 mm

Available Width

1,135 mm

Physical Surface & Appearance of LEXAN™ OQ6DAW Polycarbonate Film

LEXAN™ OQ6DAW Film has 1st Surface : Polish, Coated and 2nd Surface: Polish, Coated

LEXAN™ OQ6DAW Coated PMMA/Polycarbonate Co-Ex Film

Advanced Features & Benefits of LEXAN™ OQ6DAW Polycarbonate Film

4H Pencil Hardness 1st Surface
High Gloss at 92%
Chemical Resistance Both Surface
Abrasion Resistance Both Surface
Excellent Mechanical Properties

Applications Examples

Touch Screens
Touch Panels
Smartphone or Tablets Cover
Industrial Eyewear
Camera Lens
Medical Instrument Display

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