LEXAN™ SLX 11010 Polycarbonate Film. High Gloss Long Lasting Outdoor

Continuous Lasting High Gloss Effect with Photochemical Reaction

Lexan™ SLX 11010 Polycarbonate Film. Transparent High Gloss Smooth Surface over Long Period of Outdoor Weather & Insane UV Resistance to Replace Paint

Advanced Monolithic Chemical Resistance LEXAN™ SLX 11010 Polycarbonate Film. Crystal Clear Transparent & High Gloss. Long Lasting Appearance

Standard Thickness Available

LEXAN™ SLX 11010 film 0.254 mm

1st Surface

2nd Surface



LEXAN™ SLX 1101 Film. Advanced Copolymer Polycarbonate

Features & Benefits

High Reflective Index
Lasting Transparency
UV Resistance
Chemical Resistance
Scratch Resistance
Printable Both Side

Applications Examples

Outdoor Plastic Cover
Outdoor Labels
Chemical Resistant Labels