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LEXAN™ SLX 11010 Polycarbonate Film. High Gloss Long Lasting Outdoor

LEXAN FILM. Tough & Durable Thin Polycarbonate

Continuous Lasting High Gloss Effect with Photochemical Reaction

Advanced Monolithic Polycarbonate Chemical Resistance LEXAN™ SLX 11010 Film

Crystal Clear Transparent & High Gloss. Long Lasting Appearance

LEXAN™ SLX can Retain 95% of it's Gloss Level in 10 year Period of Time.

Clarity, High Heat, Weathering and Impact, All in One Product is LEXAN™ SLX 11010 Film

Made from LEXAN™ SLX Resins. An Amorphous Family of Polycarbonate Copolymer Resin Blends, offering Outstanding Retention of Color, Gloss, Transparency and Toughness after Weathering combined with the Heat and Impact Performance Associated with LEXAN™ Resins.

This Unique Copolymer creates a Self Protecting Layer upon Exposed to UV Light, Dramatically increasing the Resistance to UV Degradation Compared to Standard UV Stabilized Polycarbonate.

LEXAN™ SLX Resin Range offers
- Reduce Finishing Cost. No Painting Required or UV Coatings
- Outstanding Retention of Transparency, Color, Gloss
- High Refractive Index
- Improved Depth of Color
- Retention of Mechanical Properties
- Lower Environmental Emissions

Standard Available Thickness for Advanced LEXAN™ SLX 11010 Polycarbonate Film

LEXAN™ SLX 11010 film 0.254 mm ( V - 2 )

Available Width

1,220 mm

Physical Surface & Appearance of LEXAN™ SLX 11010 Polycarbonate Film

LEXAN™ SLX 11010 Film has 1st Surface : Polish and 2nd Surface: Polish

LEXAN™ SLX 11010 Film. Advanced Copolymer Polycarbonate

Advanced Features & Benefits of LEXAN™ SLX 11010 Polycarbonate Film

High Reflective Index
Lasting Transparency
UV Resistance
Chemical Resistance
Scratch Resistance
Printable Both Side

Applications Examples

Outdoor Plastic Cover
Outdoor Labels
Chemical Resistant Labels

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