VALOX™ FR1 Polybutylene Terephthalate Film. Unique Insulation Property

LEXAN FILM. Tough & Durable Thin Polycarbonate

Chemical Resistance, UL94 V-0 Rating & Excellent Forming or Embossing

Unique Chemical Resistance with UL Rated Requirement VALOX™ FR1 Polybutylene Terephthalate Film.

Used for Harsh Chemical Environment of Electronic like Sensor Gadget or Tester

Available Color :
Opal White : 1001
Black : BK1066

Standard Available Thickness for Advanced VALOX™ FR1 Film

VALOX™ FR1 Film 0.127 mm
VALOX™ FR1 Film 0.178 mm
VALOX™ FR1 Film 0.254 mm
VALOX™ FR1 Film 0.381 mm
VALOX™ FR1 Film 0.432 mm
VALOX™ FR1 Film 0.508 mm
VALOX™ FR1 Film 0.762 mm

Available Width

914 mm

Physical Surface & Appearance of Polycarbonate LEXAN™ FR1 Film

The Unique Polycarbonate LEXAN™ FR1 Film has 1st Surface : Polish and 2nd Surface: Matte

VALOX™ FR1 Film. Translucent White or Black FR Film

Advanced Features & Benefits of Polycarbonate LEXAN™ FR1 Film

Chemical Resistance
Heat Resistance
UL94 V-0
Black Color or White Color
Ease of Folding, Forming or Embossing

Applications Examples

Heat Insulation Film
Hot Air Separator
Electrical Insulation