LEXAN™ Polycarbonate Sheet - Transportation


High Performance Lexan Polycarbonate Sheet offer Light, Compliant and Impact Resistance to All Safety Requirement of Aircraft , Trains and Buses .

It also helps aircraft and railway interior manufacturers meet tough flame, smoke, toxicity and heat release regulations whilst ensuring the safety and comfort of the cabin environment.


Our specialized products and services deliver manufacturing productivity to reduce total system cost, ensure reliable performance, provide long-lasting durability under demanding conditions, and create enhanced aesthetics.

  • Aircraft Enclosures

  • Bus, Train & Truck Interior Components

  • Overhead Glazing

  • Windows

  • Doors 

  • Visors

  • Jet Fighter Canopies

  • Light Diffusers Cover

  • Dust Cover Panes

  • Aircraft Seating 

  • Cockpit Linings

  • Window Surrounds

  • Coffee Maker Chassis

  • Tray Table Arms

  • Safety Screens

  • Train Interior Glazing

  • Aircraft Windows  

Aircraft Window with Transparent Lexan F20xx or F21xx or F25xx Series
Uncoated Lexan Sheet with Flame, Smoke & Toxicity Compliant to Meet High Safety Standard in Transportation. Applicable to Aircraft , Train & Bus
Train Interior and Overheat Covers with Lexan Opaque F600xx Series
Lexan Opaque Series of Polycarbonate FST Grade. Offer Various Color Series with Types of Texture. This offer High Scratches Resistance from Public Usage
Aircraft Door Compartment with Lexan Opaque Series
Ease of Thermoforming allow Lexan FST to be Produce in Various Shape & Design. The Opaque Series of Best Scratches Resistance during Thermoforming
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