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LEXAN™ SD8B14 EID Polycarbonate Film. Overlay or Intermediate Layers

LEXAN FILM. Tough & Durable Thin Polycarbonate

Clear Texture Surface. Tight Tolerance Thickness. Non Laser Sensitive

LEXAN™ SD8B14 Polycarbonate Film is a Versatile Material with an Array of Impressive Features. From Its Optical Clarity and Ease Of Printing to its Durability and Security-Enhancing Properties, This Film finds Utility in Various Industries and Applications. It’s Ability to Maintain its Integrity Over Time While Offering Protection And Reliability Underscores Its Value In Demanding and Security-Sensitive Scenarios.

The LEXAN™ SD8B14 EID Film is a Non Laser-Sensitive Characteristic. Unlike Some Materials that Might Be Affected By Laser Exposure, This LEXAN™ SD8B14 EID Film Remains Unaffected By Laser Processes. This is Particularly Useful In Environments Where Laser Equipment is Used For Various Purposes, Ensuring that The Film's Properties Remain Consistent.

LEXAN™ SD8B14 EID Film Boasts Remarkable Transparency And Clarity, Allowing For Excellent Visibility of Printed Content or Underlying Surfaces. This Optical Clarity is Crucial For Applications Where Maintaining Visual Integrity is Essential.

The Film's Surface Characteristics Make It Conducive To Various Printing Methods. Consistent Surface Texture Allows For Precise And Vibrant Printing Results. Whether It's Intricate Designs, Logos, Or Informational Content, The Film's Printability Ensures that The Desired Details Are Accurately Reproduced.

LEXAN™ SD8B14 EID Polycarbonate Film is Manufactured with Tight Tolerance Controls, Ensuring Consistent Thickness And Dimensions. This Precision is Particularly Advantageous for Applications Where Uniformity is Critical, Such As In Electronic Components Or Layered Structures.

Furthermore, During Fabrication And Conversion Processes, LEXAN™ SD8B14 EID Film Demonstrates Ease of Handling. Its Mechanical Properties Facilitate Cutting, Shaping, And Forming, Making It Versatile for a Wide Range of Manufacturing Techniques.

LEXAN™ SD8B14 Electronic ID Polycarbonate Film is Known for Its Exceptional Durability And Longevity. Its Robust Construction Enables It To Withstand Various Environmental Stressors, Such As Temperature Fluctuations, Moisture, And Physical Impacts. This Durability Ensures that The Film Remains Intact and Functional Over Extended Periods.

One of The Standout Features of This Film is Its Overlay Protection Capability, which is Particularly Valuable for Security Documents. By Acting As a Protective Layer, The Film Adds a Level of Resistance Against Tampering, Counterfeiting, And Wear. This Makes It Highly Suitable for Applications like ID Cards, Passports, and Official Certificates Where Security is Paramount.

LEXAN™ SD8B14 Film can be Ordered from SABIC TRUCIRCLE™ Portfolio of Certified Renewable Products Program. The Raw materials are from Bio-based Feedstock that is not in Competition with the Human Food Chain and that can help Mitigate Potential Effects of Climate Change. The Material has a Lower Carbon Footprint in Comparison to Fossil-based Alternatives

61% Carbon Dioxide Reduction for Each Kg of Polycarbonate based on Certified Renewable Feedstock

The Raw Materials are Certified by the ISCC ( International Sustainability and Carbon Certification) to Certified the Incorporation of Renewable Feedstock from Cracker Feedstocks to the Production of Polycarbonate and, ultimately to LEXAN™ Film

Standard Available Thickness for Advanced LEXAN™ SD8B14 Film

LEXAN™ SD8B14 Film 0.030 mm
LEXAN™ SD8B14 Film 0.050 mm
LEXAN™ SD8B14 Film 0.075 mm
LEXAN™ SD8B14 Film 0.080 mm
LEXAN™ SD8B14 Film 0.085 mm
LEXAN™ SD8B14 Film 0.100 mm
LEXAN™ SD8B14 Film 0.125 mm
LEXAN™ SD8B14 Film 0.135 mm
LEXAN™ SD8B14 Film 0.150 mm
LEXAN™ SD8B14 Film 0.175 mm
LEXAN™ SD8B14 Film 0.180 mm
LEXAN™ SD8B14 Film 0.200 mm
LEXAN™ SD8B14 Film 0.250 mm
LEXAN™ SD8B14 Film 0.300 mm
LEXAN™ SD8B14 Film 0.375 mm
LEXAN™ SD8B14 Film 0.400 mm
LEXAN™ SD8B14 Film 0.450 mm
LEXAN™ SD8B14 Film 0.550 mm

Available Width

1,220 mm

Physical Surface & Appearance of Polycarbonate LEXAN™ SD8B14 EID Film

LEXAN™ SD8B14 Film has 1st Surface : Fine Velvet and 2nd Surface: Matte

Lexan Polycarbonate Film 8010 Clear Polish

Advanced Features & Benefits of Polycarbonate LEXAN™ SD8B14 Film

Non Laser Sensitive
Heat Resistance
Ease of Printing

LEXAN™ SD8B14 Polycarbonate EID Film Potential Applications

Intermediate Layers
ID Cards
Driver License
Passport Data Page
Green Cards
Border Crossing Cards

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