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LEXAN™ SD8B24 EID Polycarbonate Film. White Core Security Printing

LEXAN FILM. Tough & Durable Thin Polycarbonate

Advance Material for Sharp Printing and Lamination Process

LEXAN™ SD8B24 Polycarbonate Film Stands as an Embodiment of Innovation, Seamlessly Blending Functional Excellence with Visual Sophistication. Its Opaque White Composition Is Not Just a Hue, But a Canvas of Possibilities that Redefines the Way Printing and Security Converge. At Its Core, This Film Is Not Merely a Material, But a Solution that Caters to the Diverse Needs of Modern Identification Systems, Most Prominently Showcased in the Creation of ID Cards and Passport Data Pages.

The LEXAN™ SD8B24 EID Film Sets an Exemplary Standard for Precision Printing. Its Surface Is a Playground for Printing Technologies, Accommodating Every Detail, From Intricate Patterns to Bold Branding, with Stunning Clarity. the Film's Tight Tolerance Characteristic Ensures that Every Print Aligns Impeccably, rendering a Finished Product that Radiates Professionalism and Accuracy. This Makes It an Ideal Substrate for Conveying Vital Information on Identification Documents.

In the realm of security, LEXAN™ SD8B24 Polycarbonate EID Film Is Not Only a Medium for Visual Representation But a Fortress for Safeguarding Sensitive Data. Its Advanced Design Allows for the Seamless Embedding of Security Microchips, Reinforcing the Protective Layers that Modern Identification Systems Demand. By Accommodating Such High-Tech Features, the Film Plays a Pivotal Role in Thwarting Fraudulent Activities and Ensuring the Integrity of Personal Data.

One of the Film's Most Intriguing Attributes Is Its Artful Concealment of Security Devices. Designed to Operate at a Remarkably Thin Thickness, It Ingeniously Disguises Advanced Security Features Beneath Its Unassuming Exterior. This Strategic Design Choice Enhances the Element of Surprise and Effectively Deters Any Tampering or Counterfeiting Attempts. This Makes It a Vital Component in the Creation of Identification Documents Where Subtlety and Security Merge Seamlessly

The LEXAN™ SD8B24 EID Film Boasts a Rare Quality—Dual-Sided Printing Prowess. This Means that Its Surface Isn't Just Limited to One Side, But Both Sides Can Be Harnessed for Conveying Information. This Unique Attribute Provides Ample Space for Comprehensive Data Representation, Creative Visual Storytelling, Or Even Multilingual Content. in an Era Where Information Density Matters, the Film's Double-Sided Printing Capability Emerges As a Strategic Advantage.

In Crafting ID cards and Passport Data Pages, the LEXAN™ SD8B24 Polycarbonate Film Becomes an Indispensable Tool. Its Versatility in Accommodating Advanced Security Features, Coupled with Its Ease of Printing and Precision, Elevates These Essential Documents to New Heights of Authenticity and Reliability. From Personalized Details to Embedded Microchips, the Film Ensures that Each Identification Document Becomes a Symbol of Trust and Security.

In conclusion, the LEXAN™ SD8B24 Polycarbonate Film Transcends the Conventional Boundaries of Materiality. It Emerges As an Enabler of Security, an Artist's Canvas for Printing, and a Guardian of Sensitive Information. As It Seamlessly Integrates Into the Realm of Identification and Security, Its Significance Becomes Evident Not Just in Its Features, But in the Enhanced Capabilities and Peace of Mind It Offers to Industries and Individuals Alike.

LEXAN™ SD8B24 Film can be Ordered from SABIC TRUCIRCLE™ Portfolio of Certified Renewable Products Program. the Raw materials are from Bio-based Feedstock that is not in Competition with the Human Food Chain and that can help Mitigate Potential Effects of Climate Change. the Material has a Lower Carbon Footprint in Comparison to Fossil-based Alternatives.

61% Carbon Dioxide Reduction for Each Kg of Polycarbonate based on Certified Renewable Feedstock

The Raw Materials are Certified by the ISCC (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification) to Certified the Incorporation of Renewable Feedstock from Cracker Feedstocks to the Production of Polycarbonate and, ultimately to LEXAN™ Film LEXAN™ SD8B24 Film are Available in White = WH9B246

Standard Available Thickness for Advanced LEXAN™ SD8B24 Film

LEXAN™ SD8B24 Film 0.030 mm
LEXAN™ SD8B24 Film 0.050 mm
LEXAN™ SD8B24 Film 0.055 mm
LEXAN™ SD8B24 Film 0.060 mm
LEXAN™ SD8B24 Film 0.070 mm
LEXAN™ SD8B24 Film 0.075 mm
LEXAN™ SD8B24 Film 0.080 mm
LEXAN™ SD8B24 Film 0.100 mm
LEXAN™ SD8B24 Film 0.105 mm
LEXAN™ SD8B24 Film 0.110 mm
LEXAN™ SD8B24 Film 0.125 mm
LEXAN™ SD8B24 Film 0.150 mm
LEXAN™ SD8B24 Film 0.175 mm
LEXAN™ SD8B24 Film 0.185 mm
LEXAN™ SD8B24 Film 0.200 mm
LEXAN™ SD8B24 Film 0.210 mm
LEXAN™ SD8B24 Film 0.220 mm
LEXAN™ SD8B24 Film 0.240 mm
LEXAN™ SD8B24 Film 0.250 mm
LEXAN™ SD8B24 Film 0.270 mm
LEXAN™ SD8B24 Film 0.280 mm
LEXAN™ SD8B24 Film 0.300 mm
LEXAN™ SD8B24 Film 0.310 mm
LEXAN™ SD8B24 Film 0.330 mm
LEXAN™ SD8B24 Film 0.350 mm
LEXAN™ SD8B24 Film 0.360 mm
LEXAN™ SD8B24 Film 0.380 mm
LEXAN™ SD8B24 Film 0.400 mm
LEXAN™ SD8B24 Film 0.500 mm
LEXAN™ SD8B24 Film 0.520 mm
LEXAN™ SD8B24 Film 0.620 mm

Available Width

1,220 mm

Physical Surface & Appearance of Polycarbonate LEXAN™ SD8B24 EID Film

LEXAN™ SD8B24 Film has 1st Surface : Fine Velvet and 2nd Surface: Matte

Lexan Polycarbonate Film 8010 Clear Polish

Advanced Features & Benefits of Polycarbonate LEXAN™ SD8B24 Film

Heat Resistance
Ease of Printing

LEXAN™ SD8B24 Polycarbonate EID Film Potential Applications

Core Film
Intermediate Layers
ID Cards
Driver License
Passport Data Page
Green Cards
Border Crossing Cards

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