GEPAX™ 8000 Sheet. Outdoor UV Resistance Opaque Colored Polycarbonate

Lexan™ Polycarbonate Sheet & Film

Tough & Durable High Reflective Polished Surfaces Polycarbonate Sheet

GEPAX™ 8000 Sheet offer Good Stiffness over Wide Temperature Range ( -30 to 110 ºC )

Machine Covery or Skin Application which require Colored Polycarbonate

GEPAX™ 8000 can be used Outdoor , as it has a Layer of UV Resistance Coating

Available Standard Color Below

It is from the Family of GEPAX™ Series of Polycarbonate Sheet

The Grade is Developed with High Opacity for Industrial Applications perviously Dominated by Metal.

Available Standard Width

1,250 mm
2,050 mm

Available Standard Thickness

GEPAX™ 8000 @ 2.00 mm
GEPAX™ 8000 @ 3.00 mm
GEPAX™ 8000 @ 4.00 mm
GEPAX™ 8000 @ 5.00 mm
GEPAX™ 8000 @ 6.00 mm

GEPAX™ 8000 Sheet. Outdoor Opaque Colored Polycarbonate
GEPAX™ 8000 Sheet. Outdoor Opaque Colored Polycarbonate

GEPAX™ 8000 Sheet Standard Top & Bottom Surface Types

GEPAX 8000 Sheet has a Polish Top Surface while Bottom Surface is Non Control Polish ( Non Visible )

GEPAX™ 8000 Sheet Advanced Unique Features & Benefits

High Reflective Index
High Impact Strength
Dimensional Stability

Applications Examples

Machine Cover
Skin for Machine
Vending Machine Cover

Additional Unique Details