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LEXAN™ 9440 Sheet. FDA Approved Transparent Polycarbonate Sheet

Lexan™ Polycarbonate Sheet & Film

Durable USP-VI Approved Grade for Food & Clean Room Applications

LEXAN™ 9440 is an Uncoated Polycarbonate Sheet Formulated to Meet the Requirements of Specialty Applications as Food Handling, Medical Device, Hospital Equipment and Other Clean Room Needs.

It is Virtually Unbreakable, thus Excellent Candidate for Safety in Areas where Parts may be Exposed to High Impact Accident.

SABIC LEXAN™ 9440 Sheet meets USP-VI criteria & Complies with FDA food Additive Regulations (21 CFR 177.1580).

It is Easy to Printing, Cold Bending or Thermoforming. This Indoor Grade has a Superior Fire Performance & Does not Assist Burning

Available in
Standard Color : Clear - 112

Standard Available Width for LEXAN™ 9440 Transparent Polycarbonate Sheet

1,220 mm

LEXAN™ 9440 Sheet Standard Available Thickness

LEXAN™ 9440 Sheet @ 1.27 mm
LEXAN™ 9440 Sheet @ 1.50 mm
LEXAN™ 9440 Sheet @ 2.057 mm
LEXAN™ 9440 Sheet @ 3.00 mm
LEXAN™ 9440 Sheet @ 3.80 mm
LEXAN™ 9440 Sheet @ 4.50 mm
LEXAN™ 9440 Sheet @ 6.00 mm
LEXAN™ 9440 Sheet @ 9.52 mm

LEXAN 9440 Sheet. FDA Approved Clear Polycarbonate Sheet
LEXAN 9440 Sheet. FDA Approved Clear Polycarbonate Sheet

LEXAN 9440 Sheet has a Polish Top Surface & Polish Bottom Surface

LEXAN™ 9440 Polycarbonate Sheet Advanced Unique Features & Benefits

FDA Approved
USP-VI Grade
High Gloss
High Impact Strength
Inherent “Crystal Clear” Transparency
Dimensional Stability

LEXAN™ 9440 Indoor, Uncoated Polycarbonate Sheet. Various Unique Application Examples

Food Industries Equipment
Machine Guard
Security Barrier
Poster Cover
Machine Cover
Bulk Food Bins
Candy Molds
Medical Device Storage Containers
Hospital Trays
Sneeze Guards

Additional Unique Details


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