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LEXAN™ 9604 Sheet. Transportation Flame Retardant FAR Polycarbonate

Lexan™ Polycarbonate Sheet & Film

Excellent Flame, Smoke & Toxicity meeting FAR Regulatory. High Safety

LEXAN™ 9604 Polycarbonate Sheet, a Cutting-edge Solution Meticulously Engineered for the Demanding Requirements of Aircraft Interiors and Flame-Retardant Applications. Developed as an Enhanced Version of the Esteemed LEXAN™ 9600 Polycarbonate Sheet, it Delivers Superior Performance and Reliability.

This LEXAN™ 9604 Polycarbonate Sheet stands out as a Monolithic Crystal Clear Transparent Polycarbonate offering, boasting 2 side Gloss and Smooth Surfaces for an Impeccable Finish. Its Clarity is Unparalleled, providing a Pristine view while Ensuring Optimal Light Transmission.

Designed with the Stringent Standards of Aircraft Interiors and Flame Retardant Applications in mind, LEXAN™ 9604 Polycarbonate Sheet Prioritizes Safety without Compromising on Quality or Aesthetics. Its Enhanced Formulation and Construction contribute to Heightened Performance, making it a Trusted Choice for Critical Applications where both Durability and Visual Appeal are Paramount.

Whether it's Creating Protective Barriers, Windows, or Interior Components within Aircraft Cabins, or Fulfilling the Rigorous Safety Standards of Flame Retardant Environments, LEXAN™ 9604 Polycarbonate Sheet Rises to the Occasion with Unparalleled Clarity and Reliability.

It is Formulated to Meet FAR 25.853 A, B and BMS8 251. Come in Transparent High Impact Resistance

LEXAN™ 9604 Provide Broad Aesthetic Options, Resistance to Fire and Compliance with Aircraft Safety Standards

Available in
Standard Color : Clear - 116

Standard Available Width for LEXAN™ 9604 Transparent Polycarbonate Sheet

1,220 mm
1,525 mm
1,830 mm

LEXAN™ 9604 Sheet Standard Available Thickness

LEXAN™ 9604 Sheet @ 1.00 mm
LEXAN™ 9604 Sheet @ 1.02 mm
LEXAN™ 9604 Sheet @ 1.50 mm
LEXAN™ 9604 Sheet @ 2.00 mm
LEXAN™ 9604 Sheet @ 2.36 mm
LEXAN™ 9604 Sheet @ 2.54 mm
LEXAN™ 9604 Sheet @ 3.00 mm
LEXAN™ 9604 Sheet @ 3.20 mm

LEXAN 9604 Sheet. Transportation Flame Retardant Sheet
LEXAN 9604 Sheet. Transportation Flame Retardant Sheet

LEXAN 9604 Sheet has a Polish Top Surface & Polish Bottom Surface

LEXAN™ 9604 Polycarbonate Sheet Advanced Unique Features & Benefits

Flame, Smoke, Toxicity
High Gloss
High Impact Strength

LEXAN™ 9604 Indoor, Uncoated Polycarbonate Sheet. Various Unique Application Examples

Video Screen Covers
Lighting Cover
Emergency Door Light
Gauge Lens

Additional Unique Details

Non Standard Color ( Higher MOQ)

Color : Grey - 713
Color : Bronze - 5109
Color : 829
Color : 8266
Color - BR6073T
Color - 3129
Color - 51027
Color - Black 701

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