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LEXAN™ F2500. Sheet. Transportation Grade UL 94 Flame Retardant Sheet

Lexan™ Polycarbonate Sheet & Film

Unique Transparent UL 94 V0 @ 2 mm Thickness & Meeting FAR Regulation

LEXAN™ F2500. Sheet Passed Flame/Smoke/Toxicity for FAR ABD Aviation Requirements & ECO Responsible Flame Retardancy according to DIN-VDE norm

LEXAN™ F2500 meeting UL94 V0 at 2.0 mm ~ 5.0 mm
- Passed ASTM E162-11 Standard Test Method for Surface Flammability of Materials Using a Radiant Heat Energy Source
- ASTM E662: Standard Test Method for Specific Optical Density of Smoke Generated by Solid Materials

In Addition to Good Flammability Performance, F2500 offers Excellent Impact Resistance, High Optical Quality, Good Stiffness and Strength with Ease of processing, thus becoming an Excellent Candidate for a Wide Variety of Applications in the Electrical, electronic and Transportation.

Available in
Standard Color : Clear - 11255
Standard Color : Grey - 70350

Standard Available Width for LEXAN™ F2500 Transparent Polycarbonate Sheet

1,250 mm
1,350 mm

LEXAN™ F2500 Sheet Standard Available Thickness

LEXAN™ F2500 Sheet @ 2.00 mm
LEXAN™ F2500 Sheet @ 3.00 mm
LEXAN™ F2500 Sheet @ 4.00 mm
LEXAN™ F2500 Sheet @ 5.00 mm

LEXAN F2500. Sheet. Transportation Flame Retardant Sheet
LEXAN F2500. Sheet. Transportation Flame Retardant Sheet

LEXAN F2500 Sheet has a Polish Top Surface & Polish Bottom Surface

LEXAN™ F2500 Polycarbonate Sheet Advanced Unique Features & Benefits

UL 94 V0 @ 2 mm
Flame, Smoke, Toxicity
High Gloss
High Impact Strength

LEXAN™ F2500 Indoor, Uncoated Polycarbonate Sheet. Various Unique Application Examples

Video Screen Covers
Light Diffuser
Lighting Cover
Emergency Door Light
Gauge Lens

Additional Unique Details


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