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LEXAN™ F6005 Polycarbonate Sheet. Velvet Textured Colored Opaque FST

Lexan™ Polycarbonate Sheet & Film

Advanced Flame, Smoke & Toxicity. Thermoformable Transportation Grade

LEXAN™ F6005 Polycarbonate Sheet is a Cutting-Edge Material that stands out in the Realm of Engineering Plastics, Offering an Unparalleled Combination of Lightweight Properties, Velvet Texture Retention Capabilities, and Compliance with Stringent Regulations. The Unique a Density of 1.21 g/cm³, this Flame Retardant Opaque Polycarbonate Sheet is a Game-Changer in Various Industries, Especially in Electrical/Electronics and Transportation, Including Aircraft and Rail Applications.

Compliance with FAR25.853 and ABD-0031 Regulations underscores the commitment to Safety and Reliability in the Design and Manufacturing of LEXAN™ F6005 Polycarbonate Sheet. This Flame-Retardant material not only meets the Industry Standards but exceeds Expectations by Showcasing Excellent Impact Resistance, Stiffness, and Strength. The Versatility of LEXAN™ F6005 Polycarbonate Sheet extends to Its Ease of Processing, making it an Ideal Choice for a Wide Array of Applications.

One of the Standout Features of LEXAN™ F6005 Polycarbonate Sheet is its ability to Sustain Texture Retention after Forming, a Crucial Characteristic for Industries where Maintaining the Integrity of the Material is Paramount. The Sheet's Compliance with NF16.101 –M2, DIN5510 - S4 SR1 ST2 At 1.50 Mm Further Attests to Its Top-Notch Performance in Terms of Flame Resistance and Safety.

Offering a Broad Palette of Colors, LEXAN™ F6005 Polycarbonate Velvet Sheet Provides Designers and Engineers with the Flexibility to Choose from a Spectrum of Options, Ensuring that Aesthetics Do not Compromise Functionality. The Sheets’ Adaptability is Further Highlighted by Its Seamless Transition into Complex 3-D Shapes without Any Loss of Performance or Property Retention.

The Low Density of 1.21 g/cm² is a Key Indicator of the Weight-Saving Potential that LEXAN™ F6005 Polycarbonate Sheet brings to the Table. With the Potential for Up to a 15% Weight Reduction Compared to PVC-Based Materials, this Feature Aligns with the Industry's Continuous Pursuit of Lightweight Solutions for Enhanced Efficiency and Performance.

LEXAN™ F6005 Polycarbonate Sheet is specifically tailored for Thermoforming Applications, offering High, Deep Draw Ratios and Equal Wall Thickness Distribution. Its ability to be formed into Complex Shapes Using Standard Thermoforming Equipment Makes it a Preferred Choice for Manufacturers Seeking Efficiency and Precision. The Recommended Forming Temperature Range of 185 - 205ºC / 365-401ºF, Coupled with the Advice for a Draft Angle of At Least 3º and Consideration of Post-Mold Shrinkage, Ensures Optimal Results in the Thermoforming Process.

In Addition to Its Impressive Physical Properties, LEXAN™ F6005 Polycarbonate Sheet is also compatible with a Variety of Modern Decoration Techniques. The Availability of Approved Paint Systems and Suppliers Enhances the Material's Adaptability to Different Design Requirements, Providing a Versatile Canvas for Creative Applications.

Furthermore, the Resistance of LEXAN™ F6005 Polycarbonate Sheet to Most Mineral Oils, Greases, Aliphatic Hydrocarbons, and Acids Under Low or Moderate Stress Levels Makes it a Reliable Choice for Applications where Exposure to Such Substances is Inevitable. While the Material Exhibits Ample Resistance, Specific Testing is recommended for Applications involving Aggressive Chemicals to Ensure Optimal Performance and Longevity.

In Conclusion, LEXAN™ F6005 Polycarbonate Sheet Emerges as a Leader in the Realm of Engineering Plastics, Offering a Perfect Blend of Lightweight Design, Flame Retardancy, Texture Retention, and Compliance with Industry Regulations. Its Versatility, Coupled with the Potential for Weight Reduction and Compatibility with Various Manufacturing Processes, Positions it as a Go-To Solution for Innovative Applications across Diverse Industries.

Available in
Standard Color : Blue - 20904
Standard Color : Light Grey - 705008
Standard Color : Light Grey - 70865
Standard Color : Dark Grey - GY6B008
Standard Color : White - 80098

Standard Available Width for LEXAN™ F6005 Opaque Polycarbonate Sheet

1,220 mm
1,320 mm

LEXAN™ F6005 Sheet Standard Available Thickness

LEXAN™ F6005 Sheet @ 1.02 mm
LEXAN™ F6005 Sheet @ 1.20 mm
LEXAN™ F6005 Sheet @ 1.50 mm
LEXAN™ F6005 Sheet @ 2.03 mm
LEXAN™ F6005 Sheet @ 2.36 mm
LEXAN™ F6005 Sheet @ 2.50 mm
LEXAN™ F6005 Sheet @ 3.20 mm

LEXAN F6005 Polycarbonate Sheet. Textured Velvet Opaque FST
LEXAN F6005 Polycarbonate Sheet. Textured Velvet Opaque FST

LEXAN F6005 Sheet has a Velvet Top Surface & Non Functional Smooth Bottom Surface

LEXAN™ F6005 Polycarbonate Sheet Advanced Unique Features & Benefits

UL 94 V0 @ 1.5 mm
Flame, Smoke, Toxicity
High Impact Strength
Good Scratch Resistance

LEXAN™ F6005 Indoor, Uncoated Polycarbonate Sheet. Various Unique Application Examples

Side Panels
Seat Trims
Magazine Holders
Cockpit Dashboard Enclosures & Components
Kick Panels
Luggage compartments
Passenger Service Units

Additional Unique Details

Available Custom Color


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