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LEXAN™ H6206M Sheet. Rail Applications Flame Retardant Opaque PC/ABS

Lexan™ Polycarbonate Sheet & Film

Lightweight Thermoformable PC/ABS Sheet with Excellent Fire Rating

LEXAN™ H6206M Sheet is a Non-Chlorinated and Non-Brominated Compliant Flame Retardant Opaque PC/ABS Sheet.

Good Flammability Performance & Mechanical Properties, Low Temperature Impact Strength & Ease of Processing Developed for Mass Transportation.

LEXAN™ H6206M Sheet is an Attractive Cost-benefit Balance in Less Demanding Applications such as Rail Cladding.

It Delivers Excellent Impact Performance at Low Temperatures (Ductility Down to -20C), Good Colorability and Excellent Thermoforming at Lower Temperatures than
Standard POlycarbonate Materials.

Compared to Metal, Thermosets and Glass, this new LEXAN™ H6206M Sheet Materials can Significantly Lower System Costs through Consolidation of Parts to Streamline Production, Avoidance of Secondary Operations such as Painting and Coating, Machining and Polishing, and Lower Shipping Costs by Reducing Weight.

Compliant with France
NF P 92-501 - M1 ( 3.0 & 4.0 mm)
NF F 16-101 - F2 ( 3.0 & 4.0 mm)

Standard Available Width for LEXAN™ H6206M Opaque Polycarbonate Sheet

1,220 mm

LEXAN™ H6206M Sheet Standard Available Thickness

LEXAN™ H6006M Sheet @ 2.00 mm
LEXAN™ H6006M Sheet @ 2.50 mm
LEXAN™ H6006M Sheet @ 3.00 mm
LEXAN™ H6006M Sheet @ 4.00 mm
LEXAN™ H6006M Sheet @ 5.00 mm
LEXAN™ H6006M Sheet @ 6.00 mm

LEXAN H6206M Sheet. Rail Application Lightweight PC/ABS
LEXAN H6206M Sheet. Rail Application Lightweight PC/ABS

LEXAN H6206M Sheet has a Suede Top Surface & Non Functional Fine Matte Bottom Surface

LEXAN™ H6206M Polycarbonate Sheet Advanced Unique Features & Benefits

Flame, Smoke, Toxicity
High Impact Strength
Low Temperature Formable
Good Scratch Resistance

LEXAN™ H6206M Indoor, Uncoated Polycarbonate Sheet. Various Unique Application Examples

Side Panels
Seat Trims
Magazine Holders
Cockpit Dashboard Enclosures & Components
Kick Panels
Luggage compartments
Passenger Service Units

Additional Unique Details


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