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LEXAN™ H65011N Sheet. High Stiffness Low Gloss Opaque PC/ABS for Rail

Lexan™ Polycarbonate Sheet & Film

High Stiffness for Railway Side
Walls, Ceiling, Tables and Seating

LEXAN™ H65011N Sheet is an Haircell Texture Opaque, Solid, Low-Gloss PC/ABS Blend

The Material can be Thermoformed at a Lower Temperature than Traditional PC Materials. Its Molded-in color Capability Avoids the Cost and Environmental Hazards of Secondary Painting with Excellent Aesthetics.

LEXAN™ H65011N is Bromine & Chlorine Free Flame Retardant Formulated

Compliance with
- German DIN 5510-2:2009
- French NF16101: M1 F1 Norm at 2.0 mm - 4.0 mm
- European EN45545 Norm at HL2 for R1 ( Interior Wall & Ceiling Components) & R6 (Seating) @ 3.0 mm - 4.0 mm
- Russian Rail Norm GOST 12.1.044-89
- Polish Rail norm PN-K-02511 & UIC564-2, Annex 7-11-15 P1(A)-R1-D2(B)-T2 @ 4.0 mm Pass for Wall & Ceiling
- US Railway Regulations, Meeting the Stringent Fire, Smoke Density and Smoke Toxicity Requirements:
- NFPA 130 - Fixed Guideway Transit and Passenger Rail Systems
- ASTM E162 - Surface Flammability of Materials Using a Radiant Heat Energy Source
- ASTM E662 - Specific Optical Density of Smoke Generated by Solid Materials
- ASTM E1354 - Heat and Visible Smoke Release Rates for Materials And Products Using an Oxygen Consumption Calorimeter
- SMP 800C - Toxic Gas Sampling and Analytical Procedures

Standard Available Width for LEXAN™ H65011N Opaque Polycarbonate Sheet

1,300 mm

LEXAN™ H65011N Sheet Standard Available Thickness

LEXAN™ H65011N Sheet @ 3.00 mm
LEXAN™ H65011N Sheet @ 4.00 mm
LEXAN™ H65011N Sheet @ 5.00 mm
LEXAN™ H65011N Sheet @ 6.00 mm

LEXAN H65011N Sheet. Low Gloss Opaque PC/ABS for Rail
LEXAN H65011N Sheet. Low Gloss Opaque PC/ABS for Rail

LEXAN H65011N Sheet has a Haircell Top Surface & Non Functional Fine Matte Bottom Surface

LEXAN™ H65011N Polycarbonate Sheet Advanced Unique Features & Benefits

Non-Chlorinated and Non-brominated
Flame, Smoke, Toxicity
High Impact Strength
Low Temperature Formable
Good Scratch Resistance

LEXAN™ H65011N Indoor, Uncoated Polycarbonate Sheet. Various Unique Application Examples

Side Walls
Side Panels
Seat Trims
Magazine Holders
Cockpit Dashboard Enclosures & Components
Kick Panels
Luggage compartments
Passenger Service Units

Additional Unique Details


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