LEXAN™ MARGARD™ MRAC1 Sheet. Mass Transportation FST Polycarbonate

Lexan™ Polycarbonate Sheet & Film

Transparent Clear 1 Side Hard Coated that Meet FST Strict Regulation

LEXAN™ MARGARD™ MRAC1 Sheet Coated Flame Retardant Sheet offering Excellent Abrasion Resistance and Impact Resistance .

It Meets FAR 25.853 A & B, BMS8 246 type III, FST Requirement for Mass Transportation

LEXAN™ MARGARD™ MRAC1 Sheet should be used in Flat, Vertical Applications and has been Developed to Provide Superior Abrasion and Chemical Resistance for Aircraft Window Dust Covers.

MRAC1 is 1 sides Hard Coated Sheet with High Optical Quality & Low Distortion
This Sheet is offer with a 10 years UV Weathering Warranty

Available Standard Width

1,220 mm

Available Standard Thickness

LEXAN™ Margard™ MRAC1 Sheet @ 1.50 mm
LEXAN™ Margard™ MRAC1 Sheet @ 2.03 mm
LEXAN™ Margard™ MRAC1 Sheet @ 3.00 mm

LEXAN™ MARGARD™ MRAC1 Sheet. Transportation Polycarbonate
LEXAN™ MARGARD™ MRAC1 Sheet. Transportation Polycarbonate

LEXAN™ MARGARD™ MRAC1 Sheet Standard Top & Bottom Surface Types

LEXAN MARGARD™ MRAC1 Sheet has a Polish, Hard Coated Top Surface while Bottom Surface is Polish, Hard Coated

LEXAN™ MARGARD™ MRAC1 Sheet Advanced Unique Features & Benefits

UL Rated
High Optical
Low Distortion
Outdoor Hard Coated
Flame Smoke Toxicity
High Reflective Index
High Impact Strength
Inherent “Crystal Clear” Transparency

Applications Examples

Glass Lamination
Train Windows
Aircraft Windows
Bus Windows
Outdoor Glazing

Additional Unique Details

Custom Color : Bronze - 5184
Custom Color : Grey - 713
Custom Color : Grey - 71466
Custom Color : Grey - 71161
Custom Color : Green - 3129