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LEXAN™ ULG1003 Sheet. Optical Clarity Lamination Grade Polycarbonate

Lexan™ Polycarbonate Sheet & Film

Best in the Class of Optical Quality Low Distortion Thick Solid Sheet

LEXAN™ ULG1003 Polycarbonate Sheet is a Premium-Grade Material Known for Its Exceptional Optical Quality, Strength, and Versatility. Produced in a Clean Room Environment, it Stands out as a Top-Tier Polycarbonate Sheet with a Range of Features Tailored for Demanding Applications.

1. Highest Optical Quality: LEXAN™ ULG1003 Polycarbonate Sheet is Renowned for Its Superior Optical Clarity, Ensuring a Distortion-Free and Visually Appealing Result. the Use of Clean Room Production Techniques Contributes to Maintaining a High Level of Optical Quality.

2. High Gloss: the Sheet Features a High-Gloss Surface, Enhancing Its Aesthetic Appeal and Providing a Sleek Finish.

3. Printable: LEXAN™ ULG1003 Polycarbonate Sheet is Printable, Allowing for Customization with Graphics or Designs. this Feature Adds Versatility for Applications where Branding or Visual Elements are Essential.

4. High Impact Strength: Despite Its Optical Clarity, the Sheet Offers High Impact Resistance, Making LEXAN™ ULG1003 Polycarbonate Sheet a Durable Choice for Applications where Protection Against Physical Impacts is Crucial.

5. Inherent “Crystal Clear” Transparency: the Material Maintains a Crystal-Clear Transparency, Ensuring Optimal Light Transmission and Visibility.

6. Dimensional Stability: the Sheet is Designed to Exhibit Dimensional Stability, meaning it Maintains Its Shape and Size Over Time, even Under Varying Conditions.

7. Lightweight: Despite Its Strength, the LEXAN™ ULG1003 Polycarbonate Sheet is Lightweight, Making it Suitable for Applications where Weight is a Consideration.

8. Formable: the Material is Formable, allowing it to Be Shaped and Molded to Fit Specific Requirements. this Adds Flexibility in Design and Application.

9. Best for Glass Lamination: LEXAN™ ULG1003 Polycarbonate Sheet is Particularly Well-Suited for Glass Lamination Applications, where Optical Clarity, Strength, and Durability are Essential.

10. Standard Width 2,050 Mm: the Sheet Comes in a Standard Width of 2,050 Mm, Offering Practical Dimensions for Various Applications.

11. Both Side Polish Surface: the Sheet is Polished on Both Sides, Contributing to Its Optical Quality and Providing a Smooth, Finished Appearance.

12. Lowest Number of Point Defects: it is Manufactured with an Emphasis on Quality, Having the Lowest Number of Point Defects. this Ensures a Consistently High Level of Clarity.

13. Superb Low Distortion Level: the Sheet Boasts a Superbly Low Distortion Level, Making it Suitable for Applications where Optical Precision is Critical.

14. Examples of Applications:
- Machine Lens: used for Optical Components in Machinery where Clarity and Precision are Essential.
- LED Window: Ideal for Covering and Protecting LED Displays Without Compromising Clarity.
- Glass Lamination: Well-Suited for Laminating with Glass to Enhance Strength and Impact Resistance.
- Security Barrier: Provides a Durable and Clear Barrier for Security Applications.
- Machine Cover: used as a Protective Cover for Machinery Due to Its Strength and Transparency.

15. Produced in SABIC Europe Plant: Manufactured in SABIC's Europe Plant, Ensuring High-Quality Production Standards and Reliability.

In Summary, LEXAN™ ULG1003 Polycarbonate Sheet is a Top-Of-The-Line Material that Excels in Optical Quality, Impact Resistance, and Versatility, making it an Ideal Choice for Applications Demanding the Highest Standards, Especially in Glass Lamination and Optical Components.

Available in
Standard Color : Clear - 112

Standard Available Width for LEXAN™ ULG1003 Transparent Polycarbonate Sheet

2,050 mm

LEXAN™ ULG1003 Sheet Standard Available Thickness

LEXAN™ ULG1003 Sheet @ 2.50 mm
LEXAN™ ULG1003 Sheet @ 3.00 mm
LEXAN™ ULG1003 Sheet @ 4.00 mm
LEXAN™ ULG1003 Sheet @ 5.00 mm
LEXAN™ ULG1003 Sheet @ 6.00 mm
LEXAN™ ULG1003 Sheet @ 8.00 mm
LEXAN™ ULG1003 Sheet @ 9.50 mm
LEXAN™ ULG1003 Sheet @ 12.00 mm

LEXAN ULG1003 Sheet. High Optical Clarity Polycarbonate
LEXAN ULG1003 Sheet. High Optical Clarity Polycarbonate

LEXAN ULG1003 Sheet has a Polish Top Surface & Polish Bottom Surface

LEXAN™ ULG1003 Polycarbonate Sheet Advanced Unique Features & Benefits

Highest Optical Quality
High Gloss
High Impact Strength
Inherent “Crystal Clear” Transparency
Dimensional Stability

LEXAN™ ULG1003 Optical Quality Polycarbonate Sheet. Various Unique Application Examples

Machine Lens
LED Window
Glass Lamination
Security Barrier
Machine Cover

Additional Unique Details


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