LEXAN™ Thermoclear™ Multiwall Sheet. Light Weight & Low Heat Transfer Transparent Polycarbonate Sheet

Application :

  • Awning

  • Roofing Sheet

  • Skylights

  • Polycarbonate Awning Roof

  • Walkway

  • Glazing Roof

  • Wall Partition

  • Facade 

  • Polycarbonate Roof

  • Greenhouse

  • Polycarbonate Cladding System

  • Polycarbonate Curtain Wall

  • Polycarbonate Wall System

  • Roofing System

  • Swimming Pool Cover

  • Car Porch Cover

  • Front Entrance Cover

  • Residential Skylight

Lexan Sheet Technology Advantages & Benefits. Insanely Long Lasting Investment

  • SABIC offers 10 years Warranty on Lexan™ Thermoclear™ ( Polycarbonate Multiwall Sheet) and  Lexan™ Exell D SC IR ( Solid Polycarbonate Sheet)  for the below Condition

  1. Excessive Yellowing to a certain Yellow Index

  2. Loss of Impact Strength through Weathering

  3. Loss of Light Transmission

  • All Lexan™ Sheets meet the below International Safety Requirement

  1. ROHS, The Only Certified Non-Harmful Polycarbonate Roof Sheet in Malaysia

  2. REACH, Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals

  3. UL-94 Rating, for Lexan™ Solid Sheets

  • Solar Control IR Blocks more than 30% Infra Red Wave to Reduce Heat Built Up.

  • All Lexan™ Sheet or Film are 100% Recyclable.

  • Low U-Value Technology that offer Low Heat Transfer.

  • Less Mosquito due to Plenty of Daylight.​

  • Light Weight & Durable with Lighter Structure for Safety. 

Clear New Lexan Thermoclear Sheet
New Produced Lexan Sheet with Yellow Index = 0. Multiwall Sheet offer Better Insulation and Light Weight Structure
10 Years Old Lexan Thermoclear Sheet
10 Years Old Coated Lexan Multiwall Sheet with Yellow Index < 2 due to Weathering
Competitor Uncoated Polycarbonate Sh
10 Years Old Uncoated Sheet that Resulted with Yellow Index > 10 Weathering and Continuous Acid Rain Attack
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Lexan™ Thermoclear™ Sheet has been Installed Across Malaysia, Philippines & Thailand for more than 40 years.

Lexan™ Thermoclear™ Sheet Portfolio offers a Variety of Structures, Colors and Finishes. These Products Provide an Outstanding Balance of Lightweight, High Stiffness, Ease of Installation, Excellent Thermal Insulation, UV and Flame Resistance and Long-Term Light Transmission.

Lexan™ Thermoclear™ Sheets are Available in Standard Colors of Clear, Opal White, Bronze, Solar Control IR Blue, Solar Control IR Grey and Solar Control IR Green.


Lexan™ Thermoclear™ Sheets allows Natural Daylight to Enter into a Building, Create a More Comfortable and Productive Working or Living Environment. Allowing Natural Daylight into a Building Saves on ( Electrical ) Energy Costs for Artificial Lighting. Furthermore, It offers the Possibility to Combine Natural Daylight Transmission with Excellent Thermal Insulation through the Multi-Layer Configuration of the Sheets.

These Excellent Thermal Insulation Properties of Lexan™ Polycarbonate Sheet can Bring Substantial Air
Conditioning Energy Savings ( Electrical Energy) during Hot Periods Compared to other Glazing Products
such as Glass Panels.


With Lexan™ Polycarbonate Multiwall Sheet, U-values as Low as 0.89 W/m2 K (acc. ISO 10077) can be Reached. 


Lexan™ Polycarbonate Sheet is a Light-Weight Product, to be Installed with Lighter Weight Glazing Structures  and Sub Structures, while No Concessions on Wind and Other Loads have to be Made. This Lighter Weight Construction Again Saves Energy during the Production, Transportation and Installation of Such Construction.

Available in Malaysia

Lexan™ Thermoclear™ SCIR 5 walls 10 mm
Available in Malaysia, Lexan™ Thermoclear™ 5 Walls offer Low U Value@ 2.30 W/m2 K ( Low Heat Transfer). SCIR Material Technology Blocks more than 30% Infra Red & Heat Build Up.
Lexan Thermoclear 16 mm 9 walls Bronze
Available in the Malaysia Now, Lexan™ Thermoclear™ 16 mm 9 Walls with U-Value @ 1.77 W/m2 K. Lowest Heat Transfer Polycarbonate Multi Wall Sheet in Malaysia. Available Now with Bronze Color
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Available in Philippines

Lexan Thermoclear SCIR Grey 16mm 5x Polycarbonate Sheet
Available in the Philippines, Lexan™ Thermoclear™ SCIR 16 mm 5x Walls with U-Value @ 1.88 W/m2 K ( Low Heat Transfer). SCIR Material Technology Blocks more than 30% Infra Red & Heat Build Up.
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