LEXAN™ Advanced Polycarbonate Sheet.  Tough Virtually UnBreakable

Tough, Durable and Long Lasting Selection of Lexan Sheet for Wide Application

Based on High-Performance LEXAN™ Resin which is a Polycarbonate (PC) Material and ULTEM™ Resin which is a Polyetherimide (PEI) Material, SABIC’s Engineering Plastics Solid Sheet Portfolio Helps Customers Develop Lightweight, Durable Parts with Tailor-made Performance across a Wide Variety of Industries.

These include Aerospace, Transportation, Electrical and Electronics, Building and Construction, Material Handling, Telecommunications, and Industrial Machines Industries, among others.

Ease of Processing for Secondary Processing such as Cold Bending, Thermo Forming, Vacuum Forming, Printing, Lamination with other Material and Curve Applications

  • Vertical Glazing

  • Interior Applications

  • Riot Shields

  • Safety Glazing

  • Aircraft Enclosures

  • Bus, Train & Truck Interior Components

  • Material Handling

  • Overhead Glazing

  • Skylights

  • Barrel Vaults

  • Domes

  • Conservatories

  • Windows

  • Doors

  • Lamination Applications

  • Symmetrical Security Glazing Panels

  • Visors

  • Face Shields

  • Jet Fighter Canopies

  • Motorcycle Windshields 

  • Light Diffusers Cover

  • Dust Cover Panes

  • Aircraft Seating

  • Cockpit Linings

  • Window Surrounds

  • Door Shrouds

  • Structural Supports

  • Coffee Maker Chassis

  • Tray Table Arms

  • Specialty Vehicles

  • Anti-Vandal Glazing

  • Security Glazing

  • Safety Screens

  • Train Interior Glazing

  • Aircraft Windows

  • Laminated Safety Glazing

  • Machine Guards

  • Road, Rail and Airport Noise Reduction Barriers

  • Highway Sound Barrier

  • Anti Bacteria Interior Wall Cladding ​

Uncoated General Purpose Lexan Solid Sheet Polycarbonate Series

Lexan* 9030 - Uncoated Polycarbonate Sheet

  • Available from 1.0 mm ~ 15 mm Thickness.

  • Asia & Europe Produced.

  • UL Rated Sheet.

  • Best for Glass Lamination, Thermo Forming, Vacuum Forming, Indoor Signage


Lexan* 9034 - Uncoated Polycarbonate Sheet

  • Available from 1.0 mm ~ 6 mm Thickness.

  • USA Produced

  • UL Rated Sheet.

  • Best for Glass Lamination, Thermo Forming, Vacuum Forming, Indoor Signage

Lexan* 9034V - Uncoated UL-94-V2 Rated Polycarbonate Sheet

  • Available from 1.0 mm ~ 6 mm Thickness.

  • USA Produced

  • Best for Machine Cover/Window, Glass Lamination, Thermo Forming, Vacuum Forming, Oil & Gas Rig Indoor Signage

Lexan* 9440 / Lexan* 9444 - Uncoated FDA Polycarbonate Sheet

  • Available from 1.0 mm ~ 6 mm Thickness.

  • USA Produced. Meet FDA Regulations (21 CFR 177 .1580) and USP -VI Criteria

  • Appliance Windows, Cover, Thermo Forming, Vacuum Forming.

Lexan Solid Sheet Coated Outdoor Series - Warranty Against Yellowing, Breakage & Lost of Light Transmission

Lexan* Corrugated COGC08 - Coated Outdoor Polycarbonate Greca Corrugated Sheet

  • Available @ 0.840 mm Thickness.

  • South America Produced

Lexan* Exell D* - Coated Outdoor Polycarbonate Sheet

  • Available from 2.0 mm ~ 15 mm Thickness.

  • Asia & Europe Produced

  • UL Rated Sheet.

Lexan* Exell D* SC IR - Coated Outdoor Polycarbonate Sheet

  • Heat Insulation Series

  • Available from 2.0 mm ~ 15 mm Thickness.

  • Asia & Europe Produced

  • Block more than 30% IR Ray to Reduce Heat Built-Up

  • UL Rated Sheet.

  • Best for Awning, Skylights, Transparent Roofing, Walkway ( Safety from Drop Item)

Lexan Sheet Sign Grade Series. Thermoformable Series

Lexan* SG305 - Coated Outdoor Transparent Sheet

  • 1 Side Polish & 1 Side Non-Reflective Fine Texture 

  • Thermoformable

  • Drying with Masking.

  • UL Rated Sheet.

  • Used as Protection Screen for Large LCD TV in Public Area (Non-Reflective).


Lexan* SG305OB - Coated Outdoor Diffusing Opal White ( with High Hiding Power)

  • 1 Side Polish & 1 Side Non-Reflective Fine Texture 

  • Thermoformable

  • Drying with Masking

  • UL Rated Sheet.

  • Use Widely for LightBox or Lighting Panel

Lexan* ​SG404 - Coated Outdoor

  • Custom Diffusing Color with Diffusion ( with High Hiding Power)

  • Polish/Polish Surface

  • UL Rated Sheet.

Lexan* ​SG504 - Coated Brighter & Whiter Sheet.

  • White Color with Diffusion ( with High Hiding Power).

  • UL Rated Sheet.

  • Best for LED Back-lighted Signage

Lexan* ​DLCW - New !!!  Cool White Diffuser Sheet.

  • 1 Side Polish & 1 Side Diffusion Texture 

  • White Color with Light Diffusion ( with High Hiding Power).

  • Designed fr Indoor LED or and Conventional Lighting Fixtures

  • Uniform Illumination. Highest Diffusion and Highest Light Transmission

Lexan FST Sheet Series. Flame, Smoke, Toxicity Compliant

Lexan* 9604 - Clear Uncoated.

  • Polish/Polish Surface.

  • FST Aircraft Grade. 

  • UL94 - V0 @ 2.3mm

Lexan* F2000 - Clear or Translucent White.

  • Polish/Polish Surface

  • Pass German DIN 5510 S4 SR2 ST2 norms at 3 mm. 

  • French NF F 16-101 M2, F2 Rating at 2 - 8 mm.

  • Compliant with CEN/TS 45545 norm R4 for Lighting

  • Best for Train Lighting Panel

Lexan* F2500 - Transparent Clear

  • Polish/Polish Surface

  • Pass Flame/Smoke/Toxicity for FAR ABD Aviation Requirements.

  • ECO Responsible Flame Retardancy according to DIN-VDE norm.

  • Meeting UL94 V0 at 2 mm.

Lexan* F600x - Opaque. x = Texture Series.

  • Compliant with FAR25853 and ABD-0031 Regulations.

  • Pass NF16.101 –M2, DIN5510 - S4 SR1 ST2 at 1.5 mm

Lexan Sheet Margard Series. Hardcoated Polycarbonate for Various Applications

Lexan MR10 Leo Hotel Guam, USA. Storm Resistance Folding Door Panels  2
Lexan Margard MR10 offers Hard Coated Impact Resistant Solution for Outdoor Folding Door in Guam
KLIA ERL Lighting Cover with Lexan FST Grade Polycarbonate Sheet with Diffusion
KLIA Express Train Lighting Cover that meet the Safety Level of Public Transportation. White Diffuser Lexan* F2000 Sheet Series
Lexan Exell D ST with Structural Tapes Assembly
Lexan Exell D ST Outdoor Polycarbonate with Texture offer UV Resistance Grade for Long Lasting Applications.
Lexan Exell D ST for New Housing Entrance
Grey Color Lexan Polycarbonate Sheet with Texture for Low Glare and High Light Transmission. Long Lasting with UV Coat offer Resistance to Acid Rain and UV Resistance
Lexan Exell D Polycarbonate Solid Sheet as Outdoor Sound Barrier in Duke Highway Malaysia
Sound Barrier with Lexan Exell D Polycarbonate Sheet offers Crystal Clear View of Surrounding Area
Lexan Exell D Outdoor Grade Polycarbonate Sheet
Light Weight Lexan Polycarbonate Sheet for Outdoor Grade with UV Resistance and High Percentage of Daylight
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